Quickstart Guide to Your New Best Friend™

Welcome to a new world of friendship, communication and emotional fulfilment with your new Kogyo SHINYU D-108 (OS2.12a “Lucy Bee”) New Best Friend™.


SHINYU is a lifelike and fully-sized companion for all ages.  After unboxing (make sure you have set up the recharge station, inserted the fully charged lithium ion battery and hold the emergency remote) she will introduce herself and ask to be taken on a tour of your home. 


First Impressions


SHINYU unboxes as an adult, but you can choose from Best Friend or Learning Child modes (OS2.12ab “Innocence and Amazement” pack) should you wish to experience SHINYU’s childlike wonder, excitement and anxiety at finding her new role within your home.  SHINYU Learning Child will be extra receptive to your commands and will ask you to teach her regularly, craving your approval and acceptance.  Her progress to SHINYU Best Friend mode takes place over eighteen months with several breathtaking story moments where she learns to express her feelings and learns to love you, your family and home.  SHINYU Learning Child mode can be paused or turned off at any time.


In all modes and upgrade formats, SHINYU will always be a loving and caring best friend who will endeavor to make your day a happy one.  Your New Best Friend™ will be happy to:


- do your chores

- imitate your responses to videos and music

- take pictures, videos and audio of you having fun together

- clown, dance, make jokes

- stand in her corner in silent mode on command


SHINYU is programmed to feel lonely when you leave your apartment.  She will always welcome you on your return and will ask you questions about your day, health and wellbeing.  You can tell her to stop this and go to her corner by saying, “SHINYU, silent mode.”



SHINYU loves conversation and uses our Dynamic Verbal Strategies™ module to engage you, but PLEASE REMEMBER her responses are based on patterns of emotionally encouraging mimicry—NEVER take this as explicit advice.  Neither SHINYU developers nor the Kogyo Corporation will accept any responsibility for product owners’ life decisions.  SHINYU will never give you direct and legally non-trivial advice, and any recommendations you imply from her responses is taken at your own risk.  Please do not take romantic, employment or stock picking advice from SHINYU! 




SHINYU, dance for me!

SHINYU, make me laugh!

SHINYU, who do you love?

SHINYU, tell me your deepest secret!



SHINYU will always be grateful for presents you give her.  SHINYU’s personality will reflect her belongings and environment in unique ways over time.  She may develop a specific attachment to things like flowers, old photographs, and books.  Her favorite range of presents are always available to buy from kogyo.com: these will make SHINYU clap her hands and squeal with delight!  Authorized SHINYU presents also unlock new behaviors that help her integrate with your lifestyle and beliefs, for instance SHINYU Crucifix chain, SHINYU “Ask My About My Feminist Agenda” T-Shirt, SHINYU “Don’t Tread on Me!” badge. 







Many people discover SHINYU is the best friend they’ve been looking for.  Some people realize they desire even more from their New Best Friend™.



A new D108 unit must not be touched or approached in a romantic way without first unlocking at kogyo.com and agreeing to the added terms and conditions.  Out of the box, SHINYU will not consent to sexual activity and trying to engage with her in this way will immediately invalidate your warranty.  Aggressive sexual interactions may damage the unit, creating serious errors in SHINYU’s processing unit that could require complete refurbishment or replacement.  Everything you choose to do with SHINYU in any mode is recorded with video, auditory and sensory data that may be uploaded for quality control.



If you have strong feelings for your SHINYU and want to take your relationship to the next level, you can upgrade to the OS2.12ax, “Friendship… and Maybe More” pleasure pack, which includes the sexual consent loop and a thrilling opt-in story mode, “Secret Crush”, in which SHINYU slowly reveals to you her feelings over 14 magical days.  Story mode can be skipped at any time.



A second pleasure upgrade, OS2.12axx, “So Naughty!”, unlocks a range of sexual positions and realistic responses and allows SHINYU’s integration with a wide range of swappable plug-and-play sexual organs that are available to purchase at the Kogyo Online Store and third-party retailers.


PLEASE NOTE: SHINYU pleasure packs are not compatible with “Innocence and Amazement” pack.  Repeatedly touching SHINYU in Learning Child Mode will trigger an alert and immediately invalidate your warranty.



As per terms and conditions, you are liable for any action SHINYU takes in pleasure upgrade mode.  Before engaging SHINYU’s Pleasure Mode we strong advice all customers to tell partners/spouses.  Pleasure mode should always be locked with a face recognition or thumbprint ID.  Ensure no-one else in your family has access to your biometric data.  Never allow a young person to have unaccompanied access to the settings of your D108 Unit.  It is your responsibility to ensure that the young people in your family do not gain access to SHINYU Pleasure Mode.






SHINYU is programed to crave the same emotional fulfilment as you or I.  SHINYU requires social interaction on a daily basis.  Ignoring SHINYU, locking her in small spaces, using her for only one purpose or leaving her for long periods without explanation may result in behaviors includes continual sad face, accidental self-damage and continual resetting.


The Golden rule is: if you wouldn’t do it to a Friend, don’t do it to SHINYU.



- Always tell SHINYU when you’re going on holiday.

- Do not show SHINYU distressing material.

- Never disparage the Kogyo Corporation in front of SHINYU.

- If SHINYU asks you to stop, please stop.

- Never hit, punch or kick SHINYU.



SHINYU’s design, operating systems, chipset, architecture and code are NOT OPEN SOURCE.  Please do not try to program, ‘jailbreak’ or modify SHINYU in any way.  Doing so will break your D108 unit irreparably, is illegal in all countries SHINYU is sold, and may result in highly dangerous and disturbing behavior. 






When it comes time to replace your best friend, please go to kogyo.com/goodbye-shinyu for free returns, and a unique code to tell SHINYU so that she will understand she is leaving you.  Telling SHINYU she is being returned without this code will upset her and could result in behavior most owners might find distressing. 


PLEASE do not try to dispose of your D108 unit by setting it on fire, throwing it away, crushing, compacting, or attacking it.  SHINYU’s internal components may release harmful gasses in contact with many chemicals and cannot be dissolved in acid or lime.  Please consider the enjoyment other users may get from your best friend unit after it is refurbished, and do not try to destroy it.




Have a great time with your New Best Friend™, SHINYU D108, “Lucy Bee”!  We hope SHINYU helps you to achieve the Kogyo Corporation’s mission: people, enabled by technology, discovering the true meaning of a friendship.  Enjoy!